Plastics Summit


You are invited to a one-day forum highlighting current knowledge of plastics, from microplastics in marine waters to plastics recycling challenges.  

Plastics are everywhere and their impacts and management are a growing concern: plastic single-use food serviceware, new flexible packaging displacing traditional recyclables for food and in e-commerce, low value plastics in the recycling stream,  curbside recycling contamination, lack of markets, marine debris and micro plastics to name a few! Tackling these challenges will take innovation.  Many efforts are going on around the pacific NW and nationally.

The goal of the Plastics Summit is to present technical, scientific,  and up-to-date information about current issues, challenges and opportunities regarding plastics.  The day brings together local and national scientific researchers, agency staff, industry reps, K-12 teachers, students, elected officials, and interested public in a cross-sector dialogue.  The organizing themes of the day will be three topics of current concern and interest:

-Packaging: Current trends, hot topics, barriers and challenges for flexible packaging, and innovations by businesses. Speakers include Nina Goodrich, Sustainable Packaging Coalition; David McLain, Printpack; and Sego Jackson, City of Seattle.

-Plastics Composition/Contamination Issues: Recyclability issues, compostability, bioproducts, additives. Speakers include Karl Englund, WSU; Dennis Denton, Denton Plastics; Katie Pelch, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange; Bill Orts, Western Reg. Research Center, USDA-ARS; and Susan Thoman, Compost Manufacturing Alliance.

-Microplastics in regional waters: Microplastics research results in the Pacific NW.  Speakers include Peter Ross, Vancouver Aquarium; Peter Hodum, University of Puget Sound; Julie Masura, UW Tacoma; Kathy Conn, US Geologic Survey.  

The keynote presenters will be:
Nina Goodrich, Director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition & Executive Director of GreenBlue. Nina leads research and promotes principles of sustainable materials management for packaging innovation.
Dr. Peter Ross, Vancouver Aquarium.  Peter has been one of the lead researchers on toxic chemicals in orcas and has recently been studying microfibers in the marine environment.

DATE:  Monday, September 25, 2017
TIME:  Check in at 8:30 am, program 9 am to 4 pm
LOCATION:  Tukwila Community Center

Register at

Includes lunch and snacks

Thanks to a partnership with the Seattle Aquarium: 6 clock hours available for teachers. In addition, we are offering teachers a $75 stipend.

BIG THANKS TO THE PLANNING COMMITTEE   Sego Jackson and Pat Kaufman, Seattle Public Utilities; Kris Beatty and Lisa Sepanski, King County; Alli Kingfisher, WA State Department of Ecology; Sydney Harris and Anya Savrasov, US Environmental Protection Agency; Hannah Johnson, HumanEco Design & Consulting; Marie Novak, Cascadia Consulting; Ashley Bolden, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange; and Heather Trim and Eva Dale, Zero Waste Washington.

Scholarships available for this event. If interested and any other questions, contact Heather at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you to
Seattle Public Utilities, King County, Cascadia Consulting Group and Washington State Recycling Association for their sponsorship support of this event!

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